2022 year

Set up a secondary holding subsidiary-- XDC Europe (Hungary) Kft

2021 year

Introduction of smart digital management process into manufacturing process
Won the honor of excellent informatization application provider
Import new energy customers and military customers

2019 year

Set up a holding company --Suzhou Xin Tian Sheng Technology Co., Ltd

2017 year

XDC Industries (Shenzhen) Ltd.successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange
Stock Code: 300615

2017 year

Set up a branch -- Songgang branch of XDC Industries (Shenzhen) Ltd.

2015 year

Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary—— XTX industries (USA) limited

2012 year

XDC Industries (Shenzhen) Ltd.obtained the national high-tech enterprise recognition certificate for the first time

2012 year

Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary ——XDC trading (Hong Kong)CO.,Limited

2011 year

Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary ——Su Z hou xintianxin High Precision Mechanical Co,Ltd.

2009 year

Invention of anti-seismic and anti loosening self-locking threaded fastener Technology

2005 year

XDC Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established